Goodwill  Houston

Christian Army Salutes: Goodwill Houston for its excellent work in our community!

PLEASE NOTE: All contributions made through this website and all funds raised through our thrift store sales go directly to the Christian Army to provide the resources needed for us minister to local families during critical times of hardship and crisis.

Goodwill Houston

also uses your donated items to help local families in need and we encourage you to support their efforts as well. There are many such non-profit organizations in the Greater Houston Area. We applaud your desire to support us as we all work together to make our communities better places to live. When you have household items to donate, please remember to call on Goodwill Houston, The Christian Army and other wonderful organizations throughout our communities and neighborhoods in the Greater Houston Area. Together, we can all make a difference.
Donation Pickup Service
We pick up most all good household items
large and small to help families in need.

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